Paraffin candle with a built-in matchbox

Paraffin candle with a built-in matchbox by Walton

Walton was inspired to create these candles shortly after coming to Denmark. In Scandinavia, cosiness – locally known as hygge – is often associated with the use of candles. Walton quickly perceived the need for a special candle that kept the matches within easy reach. So he cast a little matchbox in the bottom of each candle, and produced a little booklet to explain the genesis of the product.

Jeremy Walton

b. 1972, British Designer

Walton graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London in 1996. After graduation he worked for a spell in Asia, subsequently traveling through China and Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express. He settled in Denmark in 1998, opening his own design studio. Walton’s work has been featured at a great number of exhibitions both nationally and internationally and he has created a number of functional design solutions including display products for Sony International, domestic products for Urbanite Copenhagen and Illustrations for Levi Strauss & Co. Jeremy Walton has also entered into a transdisciplinary venture with two colleagues. The group, who call themselves Culture Corporation, have given seminars and had their experimental work shown in museums throughout Denmark and in Sweden’s Röhsska Museum for design and applied art.


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