Kids Room Furniture from Dielle

Dielle manufacturing minimalistic furniture that is accommodating and takes little room for itself, the company executes bright ideas that save space. The cupboards, drawers, beds and other pieces of furniture provided by them are not only simple and pleasant to look at, they are also conveniently fitted together to maximize space.

360 Photography by Chris Kotsiopoulos

Kotsiopoulos shoots for an entire 24 hour period just to capture one scene. With so many historic sites, Greece is the perfect backdrop for this kind of photography.
“I hope and trust you will enjoy the photos,” says Kotsiopoulos. “And, perhaps, they will motivate you to take a moment to reflect upon the richness of the overhead sky which has intrigued and fascinated man ever since he became aware of his humble existence.”

Gatorade's G-Series Fit Kit

Designed by the Fleishman-Hillard Creative Agency, Gatorade's silver box contains samples of their latest nutritional supplements, a workout towel, a flash drive wristband, and a neat pull-out drawer containing a nice little bribe in the form of an iPod touch. 

Packaging for Tank Goodness cookies

Beautifully designed packaging by Tank Goodness cookies from Minneapolis is a cookie bakery that delivers fresh baked cookies to the local metropolitan area. 

The Spherical Skyscraper

The spherical tower is versatile, suitable for any type of climate. By different positioning of the openings the building can be optimally oriented, without drastic modifications. Structurally independent from its programmatic organization, the tower can change its appearance by removing different residential parts and establishing public spaces where needed.

Cardboard Pavilion by Min‐Chieh Chen

Packed a cardboard pavilion by Min‐Chieh Chen, Dominik Zausinger and Michele Leidi with the help of Jeannette Kuo and the supervision of Tom Pawlofsky Shanghai, 2010