Castle form Milk Cartons

It took place in Granada, Southern Spain, in may 2010. The same record had been broken in Huelva (Spain again) just a couple of weeks before.

Spain has had a busy summer, as the project on the grounds of Facultad de Arquitectura de Granada just beat out another record-breaking recycled project from up north. They did it by enlisting 5,000 local elementary students to compete in sourcing as many cardboard milk containers as they could and had collected around 50,000  milk cartons (tetra packs) and the 3 winning schools, that is the schools who had collected the most cartons, attended the ceremony and got to see the final product of all their hard work.  The winning school had managed to collect 4,500 bricks in just the two weeks they were given.
Dimensions were 29 metres (95 ft 1in) in length, 14.07 metres (46 ft 1in) in width and 7 metres (22 ft 11in) in height.

The event was sponsored by the local council and RESUR GRANADA (the waste treatment company for the province) and held in the Sciences Park of Granada. 


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