Vendome Centerpiece Bowl by borek sipek

Centerpiece bowl designed by artist borek sipek, an award-winning artist that has taken the traditional and combined it with modern to make something that is entirely new and original. 

Driade kosmo is the trademark that today groups all the objects produced by driade, defining a world of things strangely like our own. a world made up of exceptional moments that interrupt the calm sequence of events, of flamboyant characters and common folk, of artists, intellectuals and workers.
there is no single guidelines for taste, but a multiplicity of inspirations, voices taking different tones that are connected by some mature eclecticism. driade kosmo brings together two worlds, that of the imaginative object and the routine. in fact, cohabiting in its huge catalogue are valuable, starring-role objects in with the creative imprint of the designer is highly visible, with great attention to the detail, premium materials, expressiveness and a recoup of ancient international traditions.


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