eco-Friendly Kinetic Lighting

Kwon Kinam has designed Kinetic Lighting, which as the name suggests, converts kinetic energy to electric energy. Consisting of a magnetic case, it makes good use of the repulsive activity of similar magnetic poles. Magnets have been built on leaves that are placed on both sides of the lighting. The pendulum that has fixed magnets, moves to and fro as a result of the repulsive forces, which produces kinetic energy when it advances towards other magnets in the leaves. After this, the kinetic energy is transformed into electric energy which acts as an environmentally friendly form of energy to light up spaces.

The storage battery is positioned at the bottom gets charged and can be brought to good use whenever required. It comes embedded with a switch to turn the power on/off placed at the base.

So intelligently convert kinetic energy into electric energy with Kinetic Lightening and illuminate you area the eco-friendly way.


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