Apartment in Katayama by Mitsutomo Matsunami Architect & Associates

This seven-storey apartment block in Katayama, Osaka Prefecture was realised by the Umeda-based Mitsutomo Matsunami Architect & Associates. The striking façade of the building reflects ‘the lifestyle inside the apartment itself’ while its monochrome colouring is juxtaposed with ‘dull buildings of beige, grey or brick shades’ that dominate the development’s immediate surroundings.

The building is constructed on an exceptionally small 110 square metre site and comprises of 10 apartments whose ‘room arrangement matches that of the window pattern’. Additionally, the legal height restrictions allowed the architects to create a high-ceiling maisonette within the building.

The high-ceiling maisonette covers 2 floors which are 'incorporated like stacked blocks'; photo by Mitsutomo Matsunami

The minimalist interior of the apartment block in Katayama; photo by Mitsutomo Matsunami

The monochrome shades of the façade have also been incorporated in the interior design; photo by Mitsutomo Matsunami


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