Clover by Brodie Neill for Kundalini

Designed by Brodie Neill

Flowing lines and surfaces fold, expand and merge. They form an alluring three-dimensional, enveloping and open structure. This is a sculptural-lamp of extreme visual lightness.  It is a kind of ultra contemporary and dream-like mobile.  A shape intended to diffuse light in an evocative way.

Inspired by natural form, it calls to mind the organic lines of a clover leaf. The light source, hidden at the meeting point of the three petals, casts light onto the internal surfaces in a continuous play of reflections and rebounds. Clover is the result of research into new luminous expressions by Brodie Neill and Kundalini.
Suspension Lamp. Molded polyurethane body with opaque finish, aluminum reflector.

* Color: white
* Size:  Ø 70 cm – H 25 cm
* Light bulbs: 2 x B15D max 205 W

Brodie Neill
The Australian designer works and lives in London. He already designed the celebrated E-Turn bench for Kundalini in 2007. This was a fascinating, unbroken band of GRP. It was a perfect synthesis of the expressive methods of Brodie Neill, who has established himself within the international design scene with his exciting research into form. An innovative aesthetic, that reinterprets objects of everyday use through flowing lines that move through space with suggestive three-dimensional effects. Brodie Neill participates in many international shows and exhibitions and has been widely published.


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