N97 smartphone, Nokia

Nokia wanted 1000 special edition boxes to give to the brand's ambassadors and the press. The company approached Madomat with a brief to show off the device's full qwerty keyboard and large tilted display. The striking, on-brand result is a box made up of two triangular halves, held together by a sleeve printed bright blue — one of Nokia's N-Series brand colors — on the inside.

"One half of the box holds the open N97 with a squeeze fit, which allows the device to magically float so the user can fully appreciate the sliding mechanism. Behind the device is nestled a USB flash drive pre-loaded with proprietary, interactive and updateable software which includes the user manual, customer support contact and a press section.
The other half of the box contains an elegantly concealed yet easily accessible compartment for all the N97's accessories."

 "After the special editon box was produced, Nokia commissioned Madomat for a "super special edition" box, in only 30 pieces. This box is made in black piano lacquered wood with the logo in silver metal inlay, and using the same concept of product presentation as the special edition box. Given the special nature of these boxes, secondary usage was an important element for the design: in fact the wooden triangular inserts can be removed with the supplied allen key. The box can then be turned upside down and used to hold keepsakes – or extra phone cables!


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