Staircase Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz for Funtanot

European staircase giant fontanot, italy, approached chilean-born new york-based designer sebastian errazuriz to develop a new spiral staircase for the company. for the challenge, errazuriz decided to utilize the negative space that is often left underneath each step, as an opportunity in which to store things.

'The spiral staircase is one of those old iconic designs that is very difficult to improve.steps, a handrail and a central pole; the design is so simple that new contemporary designs tend to be always decorative,but rarely practical,' he says. simply by adding a shelf or tray below each step, the spiral staircase could immediately become a bookshelf or act as a storage area for small apartments.

Through research, errazuriz proved that there is enough clearance over our heads to install a shelf system of this kind, while a ladder makes it easy to reach higher areas.


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