OBJECTS of Sound by NOCC studio


NOCC studio is a Paris-based design studio which was founded by Juan Pablo Naranjo and Jean-Christophe Orthlieb in September 2008 with a single objective in mind: “NOCC is here to serve you.” NOCC premiered at the Greenhouse during the Stockholm furniture fair in 2008. While Naranjo’s “Help Me Darwin Diploma” was part of the exhibition European Talent 2008 at designhuis and was recently awarded the "observeur du design 10" honor in France.

The two designers came up with a creative concept which has led to the formation of a creative collection. Each of the items in the collection is given the form from the graphic produced by a person's voice who pronounces the name of the object. The identity of the sound is shaped into a 3D form and becomes an object. By giving volume to the sound wave, the form becomes a piece that is used according to the word pronounced. The word candle holder becomes a candle holder, the word vase becomes a vase and the word light becomes a light. Hence, Object of Sound is a collection with “a meaning!”

Object of Sound pieces are produced using rapid manufacturing technology. With the assistance of this technology, every object can be produced individually. All objects are created using SLS polyamide and soft touch color finish. NOCC's Object of Sound will be available at the forthcoming on-line store, Self-Studio.com



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