3-in-1 Expedit Kitchen Counter by IKEA Hackers

Expedit Shelf, Vika Amon Table Top, Capita Legs

IKEA Hacker just share the little touches that made this project extra special.


1) Ingredients: One Expedit Shelf, assembled. Check!
2) The underbelly of my Vika Amon table top. Note the asymmetrical positioning of the Capita legs, cuz of his cantilevered design!

3) Since He knew the cantilevered top would have to take a lot of stress, He  had to secure the Capita Legs to the Expedit with more than just double sided foam tape. This is a closeup of how each Capita leg base was screwed into the Expedit. He had to chisel away bits of plastic to fit the screw heads. (The bits of 3M tape were just there to help me position the legs accurately.)
4) The metal cap hides the screws completely!
5) The penultimate step... just before popping the table top onto the plastic feet.

6)The gap under the table top is perfect for keeping our 2 laptops and with mice and cables away for mealtimes!
7) The table top floats away from the wall for more comfortable seating (no one likes to be squeezed against the wall). The resultant gap is perfect for keeping table-top accessories like utensils and tissues. Their Nespresso machine lives there now.

8) The finished Kitchen-counter/Dining-Table/Work-Station. 3-in-1! Completed with a few Kassett boxes and Stig stools. The open shelving lets light through to our kitchen, with space to display our books and knick-knacks.

IKEA Hackers- UCN.


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