Tree Hooked Hanger

Inspired by a flowering tree, it’s both sculptural and a useful means of organizing clothing. Since it’s modular, it can expand to fit any space.


Tree Hooked is the first product to come from the creative and matrimonial union of Dutch designers Alissia Melka-Teichroew and Jan Habraken. Alissia and Jan saw a professional collaboration as a way to celebrate their 2006 marriage. From a metaphorical perspective, a tree-inspired product is the perfect solution. After all, marriage is the bringing together of two family trees. Trees also symbolize stability, growth, and renewal.


The origin of the concept came from coat-hanging knobs that Jan and Alissia had spotted in Paris. In Alissia’s words, they thought that they could “build upon the idea.” In Jan’s words, “we wanted a simple product that would be universally understood but also flexible enough for people to use in their own unique way.”


Each Tree Hooked unit is 22” and can be displayed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It's modular design encourages users to experiment with different patterns.

The compelling simplicity of the design and the endless possibilities for its use has garnered rave reviews.


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