Fornasetti - frame with convex mirror

This charming collection is hand made and produced in fornasetti's milan studios. each frame is made of mirror glass and painted metal.
every piece of furniture bears a stamp indicating in order: the progressive object number, its annual production limit and the year of production.
the furniture is thus progressively numbered, dated and, in the case of painted material, signed by the painter who completed the hand coloring. considering the vast range of objects and re-editions of the 50’s and 60’s, every year, the production of some of these is suspended, while that of others takes their place. this production characteristic contributes to the increasing value of fornasetti furniture, rendering them a favorite amongst collectors.
the majority of furniture and objects presented here are faithful re-editios of the originals created by piero fornasetti from the 50’s to the beginning of the 80’s. may we remind you that all fornasetti artifacts may only be restored, if the need arises, at the fornasetti’s atelier or by one of fornasetti’s indicated craftsmen, in order to guarantee the validity of the restoration.


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