Altamira Residence a Inspiring Beach House

The design was inspired by the natural topography of the site and the client’s interest in geology. Responding to the untouched feel of the land and the geography in the area, the home’s floor levels cut into the terrain, making the structures appear to be emerging from the earth. 

The house captures a series of views that encourage the journey through the site.

Designed by Los Angeles-based architecture firm Marmol Radziner, this beachfront home is just as exciting at its surrounding landscape. 

The Altamira Residence is a 15,500-sq.-ft. build including the main house, study, guest house and a garage. Set on a sprawling 20-acre site along the coastal edge of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, this unusual design fronting the Pacific is clearly inspired by the oceanfront.

The undulating roof follows the natural lines of the waves and the local landscape. Interiors too echo the natural environment, featuring materials like wood and stone, and lots of windows, each framing a different but equally amazing view.


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