Arqanzuela Footbridge by Dominique Perrault

Stretching over the manzanares river in to the park, the project is the architect's first civil engineering work and is distinguished by a pair of conic structures that are wrapped in interlocking metallic ribbons. 'arqanzuela footbridge' by paris-based architect dominique perrault has opened to the public in madrid, spain.

Providing a direct passage from one side of the river to the other, the footbridge also gives access to both pedestrians and cyclists to the expansive park below. the porous design allows natural sunlight to penetrate through to the foliage of the park, while establishing sight lines along the length of the span. 

The design is over 250 meters long, subtly expanding in its diameter from 5 to 12 meters. 

Utilizing the structural aid of two pillars laid at each end, the footbridge seeming floats in the air over the water. the skin is constructed out of metallic mesh which shelters the internal space from extreme weathers. 

Interspersedly offering moments of complete transparency, the spiral provides a rhythmic and dynamic experience for the pedestrians. 


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