Art Sculpture from Bicycle Parts

Holding aloft the message of clean ride, “Cyclisk,” the sculpture promotes the need to pick up once again our green cycling habits. Designed by Northern California artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector, the 65-foot-tall, 10,000-pound obelisk has been made out of around 340 bicycles — and one tricycle. The $37,000 piece was built with funds from Nissan.

“Cyclisk,” a monumental public art sculpture built from bicycle parts standing tall on a street corner in Santa Rosa, California holds different meanings for an onlooker’s eye. For once it looks like a gigantic block that reuses discarded bicycle parts for good hence making it an ecological art piece reducing waste. This could well become the most unfortunate reality if we fail to understand the true meaning behind the effort. The sculpture denotes something larger and deeper. It speaks of a disturbing trend that is fast engulfing an eco-friendly mode of transportation which is healthier and cheaper too, than the gas guzzling drives.


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