Bloom bowl by chris kabatsi for arktura

powdercoated steel
13.5"W x 2.5"D

This stunning centerpiece bowl is sure to be the focal point of any table. the beautiful geometry of the bowl is generated through an algorithmic process based upon floral evolution; in this care, it has produced a stunning new species - we call it the bloom bowl!

Arktura is a los angeles based design and manufacturing company, born out of the minds of architects. the focus of our company stems from our belief that great design cannot be created without a close integration with the process of manufacture. thus we focus closely on the integration of design, with the development of new and novel manufacturing technologies. this way design and manufacture take on a new synergies, setting our designers free to explore new forms and use materials unseen in the industry. we are focused on cultivating the talent of both emerging and established designers trained in a diverse array of fields; from architecture to automotive design, to deliver extraordinary pieces that set new standards for creativity and innovation.


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