Brilliant Recycled Book Chandeliers

Lucy Norman of Lula Dot gives old books a new life with these impressive chandeliers made entirely from unwanted tomes. Her attractive designs give a whole new meaning to the term ‘light read’ – each page is folded in half and the designs are hung around a ceiling light in a circular form.

Huge amounts of books are discarded each year while more continue to be printed, and recycling is often problematic due to the glue and low-grade paper used in book manufacturing. But Lucy Norman, Lula Dot’s creator, offers a new purpose for books en route to the landfill through her inventive chandeliers and other projects including useful book partitions.

Despite the high price-tag, these charming lights look great and they take the sting out of the vast quantities of unwanted book discarded each year. The environmentally conscious book-based lights were recently showcased on UK television’s Grand Designs when host Kevin McCloud selected Lula Dot as one of his Green Heroes.


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