DIY Pallet Projects

Pallet: it’s just disposable packaging made of sub-par wood, As these stunning examples of pallet reuse prove beyond a splinter of a doubt. Snag the high quality pallets used to ship heavy machinery or stone, which are often made of strong high quality wood like walnut, and you could turn them into a new headboard, dining table, bookshelf or even an entire accent wall with lots of rustic modern charm. Before you want to use it, better seek out solid wood pallets that aren’t shipped from overseas to avoid chemical treatments, let them sit out in the sun for a week or two before using, and sand, sand, sand.

Nina Holst of Stylizimo left hers natural for a rustic contrast against gray walls, bright white bedding and a stainless steel reading lamp.

these pallets create a simple organization system for wares in a shop without any other alterations. The idea could be adapted for a drying rack in an art studio or plates and pans in a kitchen.

A simple and practical coffee table is just four casters and a couple sheets of MDF away. Papernstitch Blog has a simple tutorial involving nothing but some scrap wood, hardware and paint, and Stylizimo features a version that has table legs and a glass top.

The varying colors in found pallets are perfect for a rustic accent wall. Separating the boards from the pallets and removing the ring shank nails takes a bit of work, but the work is worth it as the wall can add lots of character to an otherwise unremarkable room.

The slots in the pallet are just the right size for DVD players, game consoles and cable boxes.

With a few added pieces of wood acting as shelves, two vertically stacked pallets attacked to a backing serve as a freestanding display that could be used for books and magazines, photos or collectibles.

Turn a disassembled pallet into a pair of storage crates with two feet of new 1”x12” lumber and a free tutorial by Ana White. Left raw, clear-coated or painted, these bins could be used to store toys, shoes, magazines or garden supplies. They could also be used outside for an easy way to move potted plants around your yard.

Designer Nina Tolstrup created this pallet chandelier for her ‘Studiomama’ product line.


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