Hong Kong's Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

The project would eventually build a new access to the city and will be a major entertainment destination for residents.
The location on the south-western edge of the old runway has a uniquely constructed open view of the eastern entrance to Hong Kong harbor that links the Hong Kong Islands and Kowloon. The terminal is imposed with a huge footprint in rectangular shape, placed at three main levels and strong daylight is drawn in the interiors of the building. A rising pedestrian promenade paves its way through the terminal and is further elongated to a beautifully prepared roof garden for the public with spacious outdoor and indoor layouts for picnics, outdoor dining, and for special occasions, such as wedding, banquets, etc.

The structure can capably handle 8,400 passengers along with 1,200 crew members and captivate the GenX designers, who are currently working on such large cruise liners. The area of the cruise spreads over 70m and is very flexible to make it into a venue for performances, events and exhibitions. The terminal’s restaurants and shops have something in store for everyone. The wide variety of entities involved makes the place very happening and accessible throughout the year. The technology being used, specially the use of energy saving measures and generation of power from renewable resources along with using the rain recycled water for cooling, is a must watch.

Mouzhan Majidi, Chief Executive of Foster + Partners,
we were delighted to win the competition to design such an important new gateway to the city. The terminal will establish Hong Kong as a major cruise hub in Asia and, together with the West Kowloon Cultural District, will further enhance the city’s position as a centre for tourism and culture.


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