New collection from Du Veldt


Contemporary home accessories are the unique and special items that make up the detail of a room. Thinking about which contemporary home accessories will compliment your space matters. Consider your theme, colours, textures, what atmosphere you want to create, and select your home accessories accordingly. Well-chosen contemporary home accessories can bring life to your blank canvas

This gorgeous coffee cup tower from Paris comes in matte neutral colours. Handle slides over the metal holder, set 4, ideal for after dinner espresso with friends

On trend white hi gloss Dachshund Dog, in abstract design. Great gift for dog lovers. Size: 40 x 11cm 

White Porcelain vase with metal handle, and cut out fish design. Use a candle to create lovely lantern Size: 22 x 15cm  

French cream metal flower design ball tlight holder with handle. Size 16cm x 16cm


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