Sneaker Lamp by Frances Ranno

Discover Frances Ranno‘s funny and fun “Sneaks” sneaker lamp at the Pratt Student Show during NY Design Week’s. Designer & graduating Pratt student Frances Ranno tells us that his breath-of-fresh-air of a lamp was inspired by the growing world of sneaker fanatics. Meshing a symbol of urban culture with energy efficient lighting, the fixture incorporates a compact fluorescent bulb for long lasting life. The resulting kicks are a fun way to light up a room, and can even be hung as a pendant lamp.

Modeled after the iconic Nike high top, the Sneaks lamp is an homage to the shoe that took the fashion world by storm in 1985. Ranno uses an actual size 8 men’s sneaker as his mold, vacuum forming styrene over a Nike high top. The signature swoosh is still apparent in the design. Ranno then laser cuts bright clear acrylic bottoms to add a punch of color to the illumination- in neon yellow, lime, pink or red.

The electric cord is woven in and our in place of laces, and a CFL bulb is installed in addition to an on/off switch. Sneaks is perfect for the sneaker obsessed- and makes an incredible urban chandelier if  hung on a clothesline!


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