The Technosphere by James Law Cybertecture

The Palm Islands and  Burj Al Arab are just a few of the landmarks of this Arabic emirate. This “miniature” planet Earth was created by James Law Cybertecture in order to make a statement. Due to various embedded technologies, the Technosphere will be able to auto sustain itself in matters of energy. Taking into consideration the vast resources that Dubai “consumed” up to now, this building is a revolutionary project that is perhaps trying to make up for this region’s latest activity.

The Technosphere is a mixed-use building providing office and residential space as well as a hotel and public courtyards. This living, breathing building operates in a similar fashion to the Earth itself, providing energy, recycling water, and providing sustenance to its occupants. The exterior forms a shell around the interior spaces and will house solar panels for electricity generation. Inside, sky gardens act to shield the interior spaces from the sun and filter the air to contribute fresh oxygen to the indoor environment. Water will be recycled and efficiently used.

James Law, chief Cybertect of the project, is known for his work in ‘cybertecture‘, which is a combination of advanced technologies, architecture, and multimedia experiences for users. This new design, the Technosphere, was presented at the UltraFuture Conference in 2008, during which the Future of the Built Environment was explored.


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