Fuyuh Bamboo Laminated Ceiling Mobile

Fuyuh Bamboo Laminated Ceiling Mobile by Riki Watanabe, image via Modern Design

Riki Watanabe: Fuyuh Bamboo Laminated Ceiling Mobile
Aura Collection, Japan.

Fuyuh was designed by Riki Watanabe in 1975. It is a classic Japanese design crafted by hand in a small Japanese workshop. The quality and details of the laminated bamboo are unsurpassed. Fuyuh is a small work of art, suspended in space.

Material: Bamboo laminated

Riki Watanabe:
Born in Tokyo (Japan), 1911. After graduation of the Tokyo Polytechnic High School, dept. of woodwork in 1936, Riki Watanabe started to work for a craft manufacturer in the Gunma prefecture of Tokyo where Bruno Taut supervised timber products and bamboo ware. Riki Watanabe established the Riki Watanabe Design Studio in 1949 and started furniture design at the request of Kiyoshi Seike and co-designed the bar "Jungfrau" with Isamu Kenmochi. The Industrial Designer Association was established in 1952 and appointed him as the administrative officer. Engaged in redevelopment of cane furniture in the magazine "Modern Living" and his representative works "Torii Stool" and "Round Center Table" were awarded the prize of Compasso d'oro at the Milano Triennale. 


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