Wall Mounted Lights: decorative Wallpiercing by Ron Gilad for Flos

images via Captiavist

Yes, these are wall mounted lights ... but they look like they were simply pierced through the wall. So let me cut to the chase here: these decorative Wallpiercing ring lights were first mounted onto mobile plaster panels. Then the panels were integrated into the wall. They use ultra-modern LED technology and are made of eco-friendly materials.

Enough of the tech stuff though. "Wallpiercing" is an amazing lighting creation by Ron Gilad for Flos. The rings radiate light inwards thus decorating the wall. You can have countless rings covering an entire wall or a small groups of rings or only one ring, all looking fantastic. These lights are part of the Flos' soft architecture series ... and a part of the new innovative lighting approach - Plastered lights. Learn more on Soft Architecture website.


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