Decorative Wall Paneling by B&N - Iconic Panels

Forget boring paints and outdated wallpapers, this decorative wall paneling by B&N is a new unique way to bring some exciting decorative patterns to your home. 'Iconic' paneling is true to its name, giving your walls some well-deserved star power with its carved patterns that range from abstract, to birds and blooms, to traditional to contemporary designs. And its make is as unusual as its look – this wall paneling is produced using a unique method of formed laminate over carved wood, which gives you that sculpted look along with durability that lets you saw, screw, nail, glue or mount it to suit your specifications. Then just paint as you please, add shelving, accessories and hardware, and you’re good to go. 

Behind their chic aesthetics, these decorative wall panels are also available with LEED-qualified, fire-rated or water-resistant cores. For more details visit B&N.


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