OneSize by Origins Architects

Onesize office by Origins Architects
The client, a motion graphics designer firm Onesize needed certain dark spaces for projection and studio work.
The visual modelling work that is done in the studio inspired me to make an object with a minimal of polygons, transforming the program into an interesting shape and in the meantime subdividing the space for a clear routing.

We used low grade spruce multiplex better known as underlayment which is usually used under carpeting.

Besides the cost issue we strongly believed that the juxtaposition of high definition detailing and a low grade material would make both stand out better. This contrast is also echoed in the relation between the existing building and the central sculptural shape. Wood & concrete, detail and material, dark & light.

They hoped to create an interesting and intriguing space with minimal means. They started out with more complex shapes, but the simpler they became the better the result. Besides, our office specialises in sustainable building, so we were also keeping an eye on the environmental impact. By doing so we actually came up with a sculptural volume that hardly has any saw losses in the making. The most important result is that the interior really fits the client, both in terms of program and in appearance.

They needed to make a few key decisions on the materialisation of the interior spaces so that acoustics, lighting, fireproofing etc. were all handled properly. By choosing a builder in a preliminary phase we managed to control the whole process quite well, which also shows in the result.

Project Name: Onesize interior
Design: interior
Design Office (Official Studio name, www):
Project Design Team: Jamie van Lede
Client: Onesize
Constructor: Kne+ of
Location: Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Use: Motion Graphics studio
Area: 300 meters
Design Period: mid 2010
Completion Period: start 2011
Floor: concrete/carpeting
Wall: concrete, wood (under layment)
Ceiling: glass, wood


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