Ultimate Candle by Parable

Parable make the most beautiful candles in the world.  Lovingly handmade in their Devon workshop, their candles are described as works of art.  
For some, their candles are the perfect finishing touch for their home and used purely as decoration.  Others light their candles on special occasions only and may put a tealight in their candle after a few burning sessions.  And then there are those that choose to enjoy the pure indulgence of burning the candle for hour upon hour, loving the beauty of the design dancing in the light of the flames.  Whatever you choose to do with your Parable candle, enjoy it!


Their candles are unique and special so make the perfect wedding, anniversary or special occasion gift.  And for this time of year, it has to be a Parable candle for that special Mother's Day present.  Or why not light one to commemorate the Royal wedding on 29th April?

Most candles today are described as luxury but they are often just container candles, so the word luxury mainly applies to the fragrance.  They may have a pretty printed glass jar but you cannot really call them beautiful.  Also, on average, they weigh approximately 200gms, seven times less than our small candle and twenty times less than our large candle.  No doubt then, especially during our introductory price period, that Parable candles are fantastic value for money.

They make beautiful products and when people see them in the flesh, the first word uttered is usually 'wow' (and sometimes it's the second word too!).  After that, they tell us that the pictures on the website do not do the products justice as it is impossible to really see the detail and depth of relief and get a real feel for the size of them, until you actually see them.

Their candles are handmade with loving care, each one in its mould for 24 hours and monitored throughout the day (and sometimes night), ensuring the 'top-ups' are done at the right time.  The painted finishes are exquisite and require many light coats to ensure the detail is not flooded. 

Apart from the fact Their products are so appealing to the eye, they are also unusually special as they have a tale to tell, that being the story of the 'unsung heroes' of the wallpaper industry.


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