Brilliant Lamp from Recycled Plastic Bottle Up to Eco

Sarah Turner has just unveiled her latest recycled plastic bottle lamp. Set ablaze like an organic orb of colorful light, Sarah's lamps speaks to a higher reason for being, created for an installation researching ways the population could reduce the Plastic Vortex - a patch of plastic the size of France and Germany combined, floating in the North Pacific. But beyond its otherworldly illumination, the aptly dubbed "Twitter Ball" has another curious facet: it lights up to select, eco-conscious tweets on Twitter.

Sarah’s stunning piece is formed with 562 reused bottle ends, each one hand cut and attached to each other gradually building into a spherical shape. Each bottle end holds a LED inside, which also connects to Twitter.  When certain words were tweeted, such as “recycling” and “ocean”, the Twitter Ball flashes in different colors.

As part of the installation, the lamp was recently streamed live in action so that visitors to the website could view the tweet-reactions happening. But beyond a flurry a lights, each time a message was re-tweeted, $1 was donated to the research foundation.


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