Cottage built from Recycled Wood by Juan Luis Martínez Nahuel

The house is emplaced in the wooded hillside of the Pirihueico Lake located in 14th. Region (Region de los Rios), 70 km from Panguipulli

This recycled wood cottage by Juan Luis Martinez Nahuel, blends beautifully with its woody surroundings. 

This home also embraces its “roots” indoors, where nature and comfort and key. “Cozy” and “eclectic” are words that come to mind with the rustic cabin look and hand-me-down feel of the recycled wood used to construct and finish the cottage

The massive fireplace is a welcomed imposition, surrounded by glass to lend interiors that outdoors feeling. Floor-to-ceiling folding glass walls, framed in natural wood, open onto an outdoor sheltered deck that runs the length of the home, offering a fabulous outdoor entertaining area in any weather.

The cottage was defined as a single storey volume with a slight break in the plant axis which articulates and determines the entrance as well as the definition of two main zones, depending on their level of publicity or privacy.


Dhiraj Arya said...

absolutely brilliant concept!!
we are going to copy the design for our cottage if u permit it???

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