Franchise Commercial Space

Everyday Chaa by MAEZM and Sarah Kim;

Korea’s ‘traditional tea’ theme for Everyday Chaa with a new concept of franchise commercial space. What client wanted between the saturated cafes of Seoul was a space where consumption was made in more convenient, friendlier, and more modern way through traditional drink rather than coffee. Therefore, the space didn’t have to be traditional, and we hope it to appear in Seoul quietly but strongly where cafes are lining.

The space is in gradation from the bottom to the ceiling. The gradation rising from the bottom to the wall crumbles all factors within the space vaguely. 

As if it is standing in the middle of desert or a space casted with deep choreography. 

They wanted the space itself to show depth at a clean structure that did not give change in forms and a space without any special details. We hope that this would be sufficient suggestion to an ‘act of drinking tea’ as imagining a space where a light turns up like moonlight casts in the middle of silence and where leaves are in full glory.


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