Hermès; A unique interpretation by CuldeSac™

Like every season, Hermès launches its new collection of accessories inspired in the maison’s brand values.
“Contemporary craftsmanship” highlights the brand´s savoir-faire and the artisan´s work through a contemporary prism portraying Hermès accessories as timeless objects of art.
Always surprising in its product launches, Hermès entrusted CuldeSac™ with the creativity for its Au/W 2011 Accessories Presentation to the media.

Nine installations with artisan soul designed by the creative team devised a magical tour around the 400m2 stately house, emulating the behind the scenes environment of the atelier, capturing the magic and values of the artisan work.
Time and balance, discipline and precision, craftsmanship and raw materials, curiosity… And the artisan’s maxim: bringing objects to life.

At the entrance, six marionettes around the table come to life recreating the fantasy of Gepetto, Pinocchio´s artisan carpenter.

Advancing towards the intimate space of the atelier, the male accessories unveil themselves among molds, unfinished pieces and remnants.

The silk and cashmere carrés seem to float and gently rock to the sound of “The Nutcracker”, a symphony of the artisan work and its tools.

The rhythm of discovery is paced, a metronome echoing the patience of the artisan shoemaker gains presence as the shoe collection slowly unveils among constant references to time and patience, precision and detail.

The final experience is filled with surprise; nostalgia and hidden treasures placed in those mythical music boxes invite to dream and remember…


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