"The Pegboard" Delicatessen Clothing Store

By mounting the pegboard on the entire 5m tall space, and lighting it from behind, this clothing store in Tel Aviv by Z-A Studio of New York  turned into an ephemeral, lace-like dress that wraps around the space.

In addition to the vertical pegboard display, horizontal display fixtures, made of found and recycled furniture pieces were cut out of the pegboard dress and “pulled” out of the wall revealing the yellow undergarment.

The pegboard material was selected because it is the most bass flexible display infrastructure, which allows the constant change, growth and mutation of the space.

Spatial transformation can follow a change in display needs, evolution of the brand or simply the change of fashion seasons.

The recurring customer who is used to the change of goods can now encounter an immersive transformation and the spatial design can become a commodity consumed on a regular basis.


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