In side New York Design Week, May 2011

Wanted Design's New York Design Week event is set within a stunning rehabilitated warehouse space that showcases an amazing array of projects, which included on-site workshops and some stellar sustainable pieces from some of  favorite studios

The Seed System designed by David Trubridge is based in the idea of producing “minimum volume for maximum effect.” Trubridge developed a new parametric software program to determine the most efficient way they could be freighted as a kit set that would allow for easy assembly at any destination.

The 3/1 Chair by DMFD , which is made from recycled cork and painted fsc-certified plywood. Available in an array of hues, the design is ideal for children or for adding a little bit of color to any room.

Hall Table by Big Prototype is the perfect way to deal with entryway clutter. The Hall table accommodates keys, change, bags and other everyday essentials you may need as you come and go on your daily missions. Each table has been constructed from reclaimed pine timbers.

Dino desk lamps from Deger Cengiz have flexible necks that can be positioned and repositioned as necessary. Each Dino even houses a container for your desktop goods or a plant that is lit from overhead by a bright white LED bulb.

Lanterns by Brooklyn-based Jeff Mayer are based on the same lanterns used by the NYC engineers underground in the subway tunnels, but they have been customized for home use by 718 Made in Brooklyn. Measuring 12″h x 6″w x 6″d, each LED lantern is a fun and quirky way to bring some urban edge into your home.

Skip Light by Takeshi Miyakawa is an otherworldly illuminating block that glows with LED bulbs.

The Tatum Lounge by Andrew Rumpler carefully constructed chair transforms reclaimed piano into a lounge chair that’s definitely more durable than it looks.

Terra terrarium by Fort Standard is an incredible green world in and of itself. The glass icosahedron is framed in hard maple and spins on top of a matching tripod base that allows the viewer to experience the plants within from 360 degrees.

BYC4 display featured sustainably harvested wood bowls and glazed avocado cups.

Children’s furniture, modern tables and stools are made from FSC-certified wood, feature eco-friendly finishes, and beautifully and comfortably by April Hannah.

The stunning lamp design by David Trubridge set the tone for the entire space of inspiring works.


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