Enormous pointy Foster-designed eco tower going up in Moscow, Russia: the Russia Tower. When this colossal tower is completed in 2012, it will be the tallest building in Europe at 2,009 ft tall (612.2 meters), and one of the tallest in the world, just behind Taipei 101 and Burj Dubai. As if that distinction were not enough, the Russia Tower will also be the largest building in the world with a natural ventilation system. 

the natural ventilation system is certainly one of the most interesting elements of the Russia Tower design. The mixed-use project – incorporating apartments, hotel, office and leisure space – will utilize an ‘energy cycle’ system to regulate energy, temperature and hot water throughout the building. There will also be a series of green indoor gardens running up through the core of the building, to assist with natural ventilation, improving indoor air quality, and provide recreational green space for the building’s inhabitants. Foster + Partners’ pyramid shape for the building also maximizes exposure to natural daylight, which will allow the tower to cut back on both electric light and heat during the day. If all goes according to plan, Russia Tower will pioneer sustainable architecture in the realm of super skyscrapers, and will reinforce the economic and social vitality of Moscow. Construction began in September 2007 and the building will be complete by 2012.


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