Residence by K_M_Architektur

K_M_Architektur is a company with a interesting portfolio and an experience that allows them to conduct complex projects. Today’s choice- “Wood Box With View”, a residence located next to Lindau, in the village called village Hochbuch, Germany. The name was not given accidentally, as the house is mainly build with wood and its shape resembles a cool box with windows. Here is a professional opinion about the construction from the designer:  “The house stands like a floating wood box between the development way and the steeply dropping site. From here you can enjoy the wonderful view toward Bregenz and into the mountain country of Vorarlberg/ Austria and Switzerland.” 

“The building is organized in different vertical and horizontal spaces, which embody a completely different idea of living in each case: The ground floor with the garden is completely transparent and extroverted.” The large windows have a great influence not only on the exterior design, but on the interior as well.


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