Whey Packaging Concept

They are innovating a lot in nutritional supplements but only on the scientific aspects, trying to find strong anabolic formulas to enhance the human body performances. On this project we propose an innovative way to produce, to use and to pack supplements, which is more ecological, functional, cheaper and small.

If we over-look throw the packaging design of the nutritional supplements we can conclude that everything is very similar. The market is full of brands and all of them are using big sized standard plastic packs with powder to be solved with water or milk, for products such as Whey Protein, Creatine, Mass Gainers and others.
With this way of using whey protein you can replace the plastic packages by small sized cardboard packages. Cardboard is very ecological because it is entirely recyclable. Consumer, Producer and Environment would benefice a lot with this new product. The price would be lower because you are using a cheap material and the transportation would be cheaper as well, because you are using smaller packages.


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